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Smart in Your World

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The brochure “Smart in Your World” is based on the motto of the law firm Arent Fox and conveys it via an expressive visual language. In contrast to traditional publications in this industry, the brochure showcases the law firm with an eye-catching and “smart” design that makes use of clear structures and captivating contrasts. The oversized high-gloss magazine describes the most compelling cases of the firm and portrays some of its illustrious clients. A foil embossing provides additional refinement.

  • Client:
    Arent Fox, Washington DC
  • Design:
    DESIGN ARMY, Washington DC
  • creative direction:
    Jake Lefebure, Pum Lefebure
  • art direction:
    Pum Lefebure
  • graphic design:
    Charles Calixto
  • illustration:
    Tim Madle
  • printing:
    Worth Higgins & Associates