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Smart Notice & Bulletin

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Smart Notice was launched together with the LG G3 smartphone and works like a personal assistant. It analyses a range of contextual input and device usage patterns to provide helpful calculations and recommendations at the appropriate time. Various cards notify the user of unanswered calls or birthdays and even suggest which unnecessary apps or files could be removed. The Smart Bulletin on the home screen provides customised information by analysing the user’s activities. It consists of LG Health and Smart Tips. While LG Health provides custom health-care services by analysing user’s behaviours, Smart Tips introduces convenient smartphone features and provides recommended apps and the latest updates that are tailored to the user.

  • Client:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Design:
    LG Electronics Inc., Seoul
  • Director:
    Jinhae Choi
  • User Interface Design:
    Byungkee Chae, Youngwoo Kim, Jieun Lee, Jongsup Kim
  • Graphic Design:
    Kunho Lee