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smart – Shock

smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award

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This TV commercial promotes the new smart forfour by focusing on and staging the peculiarity of the car in an entertaining manner. A small turning circle, agility in city traffic, seating space for four and outstanding parkability – all these are characteristics that mark the car as truly “smart”. The concept of the spot delivers both entertainment and surprise: three men are driving through the city in this four-seater, when the driver suddenly spots a parking space at the other side of the street. The driver turns the car around and sets out to park the car backwards. On turning his head, a shrill yell escapes him for the shock of seeing the third man sitting in the back he had forgotten about – reassured, he then finishes the parking manoeuvre sovereignly. In a charming manner, the video thus conveys its message that “driving the smart forfour feels so much like driving the iconic smart fortwo that you forget you have a back seat”. The video gets this message across in just a few seconds and is therefore far from overstraining the attention span of viewers.

Statement by the Jury

This advertising video stays entertaining even after watching it repeatedly. The story, the ­dir­ection, the actors, the acting and the sound – all aspects are implemented perfectly. At the same time, the video also pointedly communicates the unique selling proposition of the smart forfour in an extremely funny yet brief manner. “Shock” brings everything together to reach the target group and create a memorable impression.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Agency Producer:
    Silke Rochow
  • Camera:
    Thomas Kürzel
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Wolfgang Schneider
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Michael Schachtner, Jan Harbeck
  • Chief Production Officer:
    Steffen Gentis
  • Art Direction:
    Angelo Maia
  • Film Direction:
    Calle Astrand
  • Film Production:
    Anorak, Berlin
  • Creative Direction/Copywriting:
    David Missing, Ricardo Wolff
  • Creative Managing Direction:
    Jan Harbeck, Ton Hollander
  • Design:
    BBDO Berlin
  • Client:
    Daimler AG, smart, Böblingen
  • Account Management:
    Jan Hendrik Oelckers, Joris Jonker, _Lindsay Jönsson
  • Post-Production:
    Slaughterhouse, Berlin
smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award
smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award
smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award
smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award
smart – Shock | Red Dot Design Award