Red Dot Design Award

Smart Vision Camera For Factory Automation

Smart Vision Camera For Factory Automation | Red Dot Design Award

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Smart Vision Camera, which brings together an image capturing machine vision camera and a data processing computer, is an entry-level integrated identification solution optimised for smart factories. The system has become an integral component in factory automation and is increasingly being used across all industries, including the manufacture of semiconductors, displays, printed circuit boards (PCBs), mobile phones, automobiles, and food/beverage. A smart camera has two heat-generating spots: where the image is captured and where the captured image is processed. Heat dissipation is crucial to production efficiency because heat can cause noise on images, which can cause errors. The diagonal pattern design is derived from the ‘winglet’, the tip of the airplane wing designed to optimise airflow and reduce drag. The front section of the camera, where images are captured, has also been designed to optimise heat dissipation, while offering a unique design and maintaining overall design continuity. The distance and the size of the diagonal pattern have been optimised using heat flow simulations, and the resulting design has been proven to be more efficient than patterns from other brands. The Smart Vision Camera is priced competitively, allowing smart factories to rapidly deploy this solution and expand quickly. Various communication ports are available so the system can be deployed in various environments and applications in past, present, and future factories. Its modular design allows users to replace or upgrade the units with ease.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Autonics Inc., South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Song Sunkyoung
  • Design:
    Cho Dohyun, Kim Donghwan, Kim Jaeyeon, Lee Seunghan, Shin Sookjeong
Smart Vision Camera For Factory Automation | Red Dot Design Award