Red Dot Design Award
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Soa Como Caos

Soa Como Caos | Red Dot Design Award

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This publication is intended to promote the service portfolio of Brazilian publishing house Rona Editora. The elaborately designed art book was given a variable format and consists of several individual books held together by a sophisticated fan-fold slipcase. The interdisciplinary design approach aims to illustrate the dialogue between art, print and design. It formally displays the diversity and richness that the choice of paper, manufacturing processes as well as colours and finishes offers, combining them into one self-sufficient and eye-catching publication. Itself a multifaceted panoply, the content of the art book also demonstrates how different topics can be visualised and content effectively enhanced through illustration, photography and typography. The Portuguese name given to this publication is a palindrome that reads the same forwards and backwards. Just like the title, the books leave it up to the reader in which sequence to read them, thus inviting readers to approach and discover the publication individually. Statement by the jury »Created for self-promotional purposes, this publication impresses with its free, playful and experimental approach to design that focuses on a processual character and is a pleasure to the eye and to the touch. In addition, it is also reminiscent of the still influential Brazilian concrete art that serves as a starting point for contemporary design solutions.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Rona Editora, Belo Horizonte
  • Design:
    Greco Design, Belo Horizonte
  • creative direction:
    Gustavo Greco
  • graphic design:
    Flávia Siqueira
  • account management:
    Bruno Nunes
Soa Como Caos | Red Dot Design Award
Soa Como Caos | Red Dot Design Award
Soa Como Caos | Red Dot Design Award
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