Corporate Identity


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SoCar Corp. is a Korean company that introduced a car sharing service in Korea, starting its service on Jeju Island. The entire design communicates the idea of sharing by representing the concept of the car sharing economy. Based on the circle as a symbol for the concept of sharing, the graphic design uses the colour blue to lend the company a future-oriented, committed and eco-friendly image. Openly shaped icons illustrate the company’s open communication and are found throughout the entire appearance, including the company logo, website and brochure. The customisable membership card is another fun element which increases people’s interest in the sharing economy.

  • Client:
    SoCar Corp., Seoul
  • Design:
    CRAFIK, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Joh Jae Hee
  • graphic design:
    Kim Hyun Ju, Yoo Seung Won