Brand Design

Sokolniki Park

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By using eco-friendly paint and biodegradable materials, the brand design for the Moscow Sokolniki Park wants to pay tribute to both nature and this forward-thinking city. The design theme is mainly inspired by the philosophy of former Soviet Constructivism. Against the backdrop that Sokolniki Park is a very busy place, with an abundance of colours and activities surrounding it, the entire branding has been kept rather simple. All visuals are easy to read from a distance, featuring a design with a natural wood and white colour scheme that is both functional and laid back.

  • Art Direction:
    Roman Lyubimov
  • Animation:
    Dmitry Baraulin
  • Client:
    Sokolniki Park, Moscow, Russia
  • Design:
    White Russian Studio, Moscow, Russia
  • Text:
    Sergey Sergeev, Moscow, Russia
  • Strategic Planning:
    Yuri Michalchenko, Smart Heart, Moscow, Russia
  • Project Management:
    Anna Antonova, Moscow, Russia