Red Dot Design Award


SOLAR LIGHT Series | Red Dot Design Award

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As an inexhaustible and eco-friendly energy source, solar energy is garnering more and more attention. Solar energy, converted into electricity, has become an affordable and grid-independent lighting solution for families all over the world. The packaging design of this solar-light range focuses on presenting the function of the product: absorbing solar energy during the day and lighting up a space at night. Thus, the design of the packaging is split into two parts: on the left, an abstract nature motif against a white background symbolises daytime, while on the right, an image of a landscape at night with aurora borealis against a black background visualises the magic of natural lighting.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    TEST RITE, Taipei/Shanghai
  • Design:
    TEST RITE, Creative Design/Product Development BU, Taipei/Shanghai
  • Creative Direction:
    Eddie Wei
  • Concept:
    Sharon Zhang, Tammy Huang
  • Graphic Design:
    Joy Qiu, Gino Chen
  • Artwork:
    Candy Guo
SOLAR LIGHT Series | Red Dot Design Award