Corporate Film

Sound Rise Construction – Biking

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This image campaign for a Taiwanese building company links sportsmanship with the ambition of an architect to convey a powerful brand presence. The image film depicts how the company bravely faces challenges. A cyclist is seen riding through an empty, bleak desert. He races madly on between steep cliffs. His willpower in the rough, pitiless surroundings is impressive. In the end, he arrives at the summit, only to see further mountain peaks, even higher and more alluring. After a short break, he sets off to meet the next challenge.

  • Client:
    Sound Rise Construction, Taoyuan City
  • Design:
    Wizard Films, New Taipei City
  • Film Production:
    Thomas Shih-Ming Chen, Arica Yu-Lin Chang
  • Film Direction:
    Shih-Ming Chang, Yuan Ze University
  • Camera:
    Jian-Li Chen
  • Film Editing:
    Chuan-Yao Yeh