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SPANX – Hide Your Splurges

SPANX – Hide Your Splurges | Red Dot Design Award

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The label SPANX offers underwear (including panties, body suits, tops and leggings) to ideally shape body contours and visually conceal both extra pounds and skin marks such as those caused by cellulite. The textiles are produced without seams and offer maximum freedom of movement, softly embracing the body when worn under clothes of any kind. “Hide Your Splurges” is a print campaign that visually tells the story of what wearing SPANX feels and looks like. It was created based on the insight that consumers wear it to feel more confident in their clothes, even after eating sweets or having cheat meals. This idea is rendered to strong visual effect through a colourful sugar-iced cupcake that not only looks thinner around the waist thanks to wearing SPANX, but only has a visible waist because of the body-shaping underwear. The campaign aims at communicating to consumers that, when they wear this underwear, their splurges will be hidden and no one will ever know that they had those “three cupcakes” at lunch.

Statement by the Jury

This advertising campaign works at a single glance as it demonstrates instantly what this underwear helps achieve. In a very funny and pointed manner, it conveys the message that SPANX is ideal for hiding the pounds that may stem from eating this very cupcake, for instance. The gaudy illustrations get to the heart of this idea in a highly enchanting manner.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Client:
    SPANX, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Design:
    Ashley Fernandez, SCAD
  • University:
    SCAD Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia
SPANX – Hide Your Splurges | Red Dot Design Award
SPANX – Hide Your Splurges | Red Dot Design Award
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