Red Dot Design Award

Spherical Wheel Luggage

Spherical Wheel Luggage | Red Dot Design Award

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To address problems with performance and durability of existing luggage designs, Spherical Wheel Luggage is more stable, more spacious and supports more weight and pressure than other luggage out on the market. It incorporates the advantages of both two-wheel and four-wheel luggage designs into a single product while minimising the disadvantages. Built for unlimited manoeuvrability, the wheels of this luggage do not get caught on grooves on the ground and are less prone to wear and tear. Shock-absorbing and anti-vibration mechanisms are incorporated into the wheels, allowing for smooth motion even on cobblestone ground. Because of its wheels, this luggage is superior to other luggage products – it moves and spins easily in any direction, making it easy to navigate in aeroplane aisles and other tight spaces. Furthermore, it has a piezoelectric electricity generator that generates electricity via induced vibration on cobblestones.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Mojtaba Hosseini, Iran