Audio-visual Panorama

Sphinx Hall, Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

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The 360-degree audio-visual show was created in the middle of Europe’s highest cave, at nearly 3,500 metres above sea level. Taking an emotional approach, it dramatises the overwhelming majesty and fragile beauty of glaciers. This film offers viewers, protected from weather conditions, an amazing panorama of the Alps projected on crystalline walls. Backed up by an orchestral soundtrack, it sensitises viewers to the human achievement of conquering the Alps. Using a 360-degree camera technique developed for this project, the dark cave is visually converted into a breath-taking panorama of Alpine poetry.

  • Client:
    Jungfraubahn AG
  • Design:
  • lead agency/scenography:
    Charlotte Tamschick
  • overall concept:
    Franziska Fuchs
  • creative direction:
    Marc Osswald, Sascha Eckardt, Matthias Wolf