Signage System

Sports Hall of the Berufsschulzentrum für Technik I – Industrieschule, Chemnitz

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The outstanding characteristic element of this signage system for a sports hall is the graphic interpretation of the lettering. Instead of representing the letters as “surfaces”, they are broken down into lined forms and thus establish a thematic connection to the sporting environment. Both an expression of dynamism and the typical marking of the lines on running tracks and playing areas are reflected in the typography, which was modified for this project, a typography that thus addresses the specific target groups of this sports hall, young and open people, in a highly coherent, clear and inviting manner. Designed to complement the typography, the pictogram system forms a visual extension of the lettering with which it is not only combined but also directly interconnected to in parts. The design of this signage system thus achieves a highly aesthetic and original appeal. Statement by the jury »Designing a signage system that stands out can take the shape of a scientific project in terms of aspects such as readability, ergonomic placement, colour and number coding and the use of pictograms. This signage system for a sports hall proves functionality while simultaneously sporting an individual signature that identifies the venue skilfully and appealingly.«

  • Client:
    Stadt Chemnitz, Hochbauamt, Chemnitz
  • Design:
    Gourdin & Müller, Leipzig/Hamburg
  • design team:
    Nathanaël Gourdin, Katy Müller, Katharina Seitz