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Sports Tracker | Red Dot Design Award

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After years of internal research and prototyping, the first real incarnation of Sports Tracker was launched as a beta version by Nokia Beta Labs on Symbian devices in 2006. During the long process of its development, the visual appearance, typography and layout of this successful app were designed, tested and then meticulously modified again and again to satisfy the needs of iOS users. The result makes the current version of Sports Tracker very easy to use and conveniently controllable via the touchscreen, offering users a wide range of highly interesting features.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Sports Tracking Technologies, Helsinki
  • Design:
    Great Apes Ltd, Helsinki
  • head of marketing/advertising:
    Jussi Solja
  • creative direction:
    Niko Sipilä
  • project management:
    Antti Sorvari