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Sprinkle Drinking Water

Sprinkle Drinking Water | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of the Sprinkle Drinking Water bottle focused on visualising the high quality of the drinking water, the notions of inspiration and imagination as well as representing the creativity of contemporary culture. The implementation is based on a new bottle form that resulted from radically questioning the familiar shape of PET bottles. The main structure of such a bottle, which otherwise functions as its bone structure, was redefined. The essential design inspiration was derived from the structure and characteristics of crystallised ice, which also serves as an indicator of freshness. The result is a formally appealing and decorative water bottle that reflects the water it contains in a visually enticing manner. The bottle maintains the same properties of standard bottles, yet it consumes less plastic material in production. Thus, this bottle not only combines emotional and functional attributes, it also reflects contemporary culture.

Statement by the Jury

Made of PET, the Sprinkle Drinking Water bottle convinces with a decorative and above all functional design. Its shape possesses a cubist appearance and thus not only skilfully reflects the crystalline qualities of drinking water, but also stands out among other familiar water bottles. Yet another advantage is that the shape lends the bottle additional stability.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    M. Water Co., Ltd., Bangkok
  • Design:
    M. Water Co., Ltd., Bangkok Cerebrum Design Co., Ltd., Bangkok