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Square And Round

Square And Round | Red Dot Design Award

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Square and Round Stool is a stylish stool and side table made of wood and acrylic. Its form is compact and elegant, combining structure, aesthetics, wisdom and technology. The seat is made of transparent acrylic, which exposes its internal structure, bringing a new visual experience for the user. The seat of the stool can be turned upside down to serve as a side table for small objects. The stool is easy to assemble and employs double dovetail joints, rendering the use nails unnecessary. Square and Round Stool is designed to be flat-packed. This greatly reduces transportation costs and makes it viable for online sales.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Zhijiang College Of Zhejiang University Of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University Hangzhou College Of Commerce, China
  • Faculty Advisors:
    Prof. Xia Yingchong, Xu Le
  • Design:
    He Jiwei, Dr. Lin Xingmin, Lu Heng, Ma Yanfang, Mo Zhongcai, Wang Jinglong, Zhai Weimin, Zhang Bowen