Stadtwerk am See ­Annual Report 2015

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This digital annual report wants to sensitise people to the fact that procuring electricity, water and gas is resource-intensive. The aim was to cre-ate an annual report that is entertaining and well-structured so that anybody can easily read and enjoy it. This idea was implemented in the form of animated 3D infographics and a design tailored to a smooth user experience. Users simply have to scroll through the different business divisions of Stadtwerk am See to automatically obtain all relevant information. Since the report is browser-based and therefore can be accessed by every online device, it also manages to reach a diverse target group.

  • Digital Concept:
    Stefan Gessulat
  • Client:
    Stadtwerk am See GmbH & Co. KG, _Friedrichshafen
  • Art Direction:
    Rustam Sayfutdinov
  • Programming:
    Steffen Thiede
  • Design:
    Gessulat/Gessulat GmbH & Co. KG, Munich
  • Graphic Design:
    Andreas Müller
  • Account Management:
    Christina Wieder