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Stairs | Red Dot Design Award

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The probably most common excuse used by victims of domestic violence when asked about their injuries is the following: “I fell down the stairs.” This TV commercial raises awareness of violence against women, clearly demonstrating the absurdity of this common excuse by repeating it over and over again. It starts with one woman tripping, followed by more and more women stumbling and falling down a concrete staircase in different ways. The presentation is highly aesthetic and greatly exaggerated through slow motion. The women are extremely good-looking and the soundtrack, which was especially composed for this film – at first quiet, then developing into a more intense and dynamic song with piano and orchestra accompaniment, rather suits romantic scenes than what viewers are shown on the screen: how these women hit the floor at the end of the stairs, hard and with full force, making their blood splatter in all directions. The seemingly endless film captivates viewers in a shocking yet, at the same time, fascinating manner, and serves as an appeal for a more critical recognition and questioning of domestic violence incidents in one’s own social environment. Statement by the jury »The dramatic nature of this story is captured not only by the film’s expressive imagery, but also by the music originally composed for this commercial. The melody and its successful implementation counteract the oppressive severity of the topic. At the same time, however, it also picks up on the dramatic mood, underlining the dangers of taking this topic lightly and superficially.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    BFF, Bundesverband Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe, Berlin
  • Design:
    Young & Rubicam GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • creative direction:
    Uwe Marquardt
  • art direction:
    Helge Kniess
  • text:
    Manuel Rentz
  • film production:
    Raketenfilm, Frankfurt/Main
  • film direction:
    Titus, Raketenfilm, Frankfurt/Main
  • music/sound design:
    Claudio Pagonis, Tinseltown Music, Cologne
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
Stairs | Red Dot Design Award
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