Red Dot Design Award
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Standox International

Standox International | Red Dot Design Award

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The objective of this innovative image campaign for Standox, a producer of automotive refinish technology, was the development of a concept that could be applied internationally. The appealing motifs look like coincidentally spilled paint and, among other things, take up the shape of a face. They are reminiscent of picture puzzles that reveal their full interpretation only upon a second closer look. The art of varnishing is reinterpreted according to Standox’s corporate philosophy. Short texts explain the brand values and the advantages for customers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Standox GmbH, Wuppertal
  • Design:
    Lutz Menze Design, Wuppertal
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Lutz Menze
  • graphic design:
    Astrid Grahl
  • text:
    Bernhard Koppenhöfer, Essen
  • illustration:
    Ottenlinger GmbH, Digital Imaging, Düsseldorf
Standox International | Red Dot Design Award
Standox International | Red Dot Design Award