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This iPad app was developed to support the field organisation of the intralogistics provider STILL in sales and consulting. It comprises four major content areas – PartnerPlan (the service portfolio at a glance), ProductSelector, This is STILL (the company history) and News – and offers eye-catching, interactive 360-degree views and gyro sensor controlled interior views of the forklift trucks. All 46 product families are covered by high-quality images and videos with a total of over 1,400 individual views, implemented in a gamification approach. The ProductSelector thus allows to select and filter the forklift trucks quickly and easily, view them from all sides and test-drive them in a virtual environment. The innovative tool offers intuitive operations guiding the user through the application. Marked by a simple and sophisticated design in premium anthracite colours, the app also provides users with in-depth information on the history and the self-image of the brand. Statement by the jury »The STILL EASY iPad app impresses both with its reduced yet elegant design and by implementing a refreshingly novel concept using 360-degree images for the virtual presentations. At the same time, it allows various mobile devices with gyro and tilt sensors to view the products in a playful way.«

  • Client:
    STILL GmbH, Hamburg
  • Design:
    melting elements gmbh, Hamburg