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Story | Red Dot Design Award

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The characters and set designs of this animated music video are reminiscent of mechanical toys. The story incorporates a lot of Oriental philosophical thought including, for instance, a famous Chinese fable entitled “Zhuangzi dreamed he was a butterfly”. The song starts with the lyricist’s distracted mood which is triggered by the autumn scenery. It gradually changes to cheerfulness because he slowly understands that what he yearns for is a peaceful and tranquil life. The video tells the story in a calm and slow manner, reflecting the mood in soft, warm colours.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Universal Music Taiwan, Taipei Willlin Music Ltd, Taipei
  • Design/Production:
    Grass Jelly Studio, Taipei
  • Director:
    Muh Chen
  • Associate Director:
    Showy Lin
  • Executive Producer:
    Yi-Chien Lee
  • Animation:
    Ming-Yuan Chuan, Weiting Chen, Chia-Hua Yu, E. T. Liu, Hsiao Han Tseng, Nigel Huang, Shu-Min Wu, Pony Liu, Winson Chao, Li Kang, Jing-Kai Yan, Wei-Shin Wang
Story | Red Dot Design Award
Story | Red Dot Design Award
Story | Red Dot Design Award
Story | Red Dot Design Award