Brand Design

strEAT Restaurant Concept

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strEAT is an Asian casual dining concept born from the idea of the street hawker. The brand comes across as convenient, fresh and accessible to all. The name is a combination of “Street” and “Eat” and the branding relies on simplicity and purity. The brand is an easy to replicate franchise model that can expand across different categories from restaurants to take-away and delivery formats. The design fuses simple and honest materials but articulates them in a contemporary and dynamic architectural way. A unique design for the take-away bowl is reflected in iconic lighting features. A range of distinctive merchandise items was designed, including CDs, T-shirts and Asian travel guides.

  • Client:
    Paris Croissant, SPC Group, Seoul
  • Design:
    SPC Co. Ltd., Design Centre, Seoul
  • project management:
    Heesoo Hur
  • creative direction:
    Darren Scott
  • graphic design:
    Junhee Park
  • interior director:
    Jonghan Oh