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Sunfeel | Red Dot Design Award

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All fruits and vegetables from the Sunfeel brand are grown in the open air and not in a greenhouse. To highlight this significant asset of the product, the packaging design employs humour. Each label shows a realistic image, a photograph, of a piece of the fruit or vegetable being sold; yet, these pieces are then playfully transformed into characters by means of doodle-like hand-drawn features. All of the characters have painted moustaches and sunglasses, giving them a self-sufficient, somewhat mischievous desperado look suggesting that the products are sun-ripened and grown wild.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Sunfeel Group, Saint Petersburg
  • Design:
    :Otvetdesign, Saint Petersburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Vladimir Fedoseev
  • Art Direction:
    Arina Yushkevich
  • Graphic Design:
    Suzanna Belkina, Elena Kobeleva
  • Account Management:
    Aleksandr Bakin
Sunfeel | Red Dot Design Award