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Swarovski_Xmas | Red Dot Design Award

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Inspired by the shape of crystals, the design of an iconic pattern was at the heart of a globally uniform point-of-sale campaign launched by the company Swarovski in positioning itself for “the most beautiful crystalline time of the year”. A crystal in its smallest unit which is a hexagon that stands for symmetry and future orientation was interpreted as the basic element of a visual signature, combining traditional workmanship with innovative lifestyle products. The resulting snow-flower-like icon set out to lend Swarovski a more emotional appeal during the Christmas season while symbolising symmetry and future orientation. In extensive patterns, the snow flower characterised the points of sale in an elegant and graceful way and was used for window campaigns, storefront illumination and in-store communication with on-counter displays and presenters specifically designed for Christmas.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG, Männedorf
  • Design:
    dfrost GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Boris A. Bihl
  • art direction:
    Nadine Frommer
  • project management:
    Silke Scheytt
Swarovski_Xmas | Red Dot Design Award
Swarovski_Xmas | Red Dot Design Award
Swarovski_Xmas | Red Dot Design Award