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Sweet Recipe Make-up Limited Collection

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Etude is a global cosmetics brand established in 1985 that is distributed in 11 Asian countries, targeting young women aged 16 to 20. Etude’s Sweet Recipe make-up is a spring limited collection that is designed to look like sweet deserts in a world of fairy tales. All make-up items feature motifs that are girls’ favourite desserts and come in a gingerbread-house box from the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The product story is emotionally appealing and communicates that make-up should be playful. A colour palette of pink and brown tones underlines the impact of the packaging design.

  • Client:
    Etude Corporation, Seoul
  • Design:
    Etude Corporation, Seoul
  • head of marketing:
    You Cha Young
  • creative direction:
    Jung Mi Jung
  • art direction:
    Sul Semi
  • concept:
    Ji Hye Yeon
  • graphic design:
    Sul Semi, Kim Min Hee, Oh Yeon Hee