Media Scenography

Swiss Pavilion – Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

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The walking tour through the Swiss Pavilion at the Expo 2012 in Korea has been conceived to combine a sensual experience with insight into the importance of the glacial landscape as a water reservoir. Under the title “Birth of an Ocean – it’s in your hands”, the pavilion focused on glaciers as drinking-water reserves, staging them in immersive and emotional spaces. Individual experiences, such as projections on the palms of the visitors’ hands, aim to raise awareness of water as a precious natural resource, while the beauty and fragility of the ancient glaciers are revealed in a three-dimensional panoramic film.

  • Client:
    Präsenz Schweiz, Bern
  • Design:
  • lead agency/scenography:
    Marc Tamschick
  • overall concept:
    Franziska Fuchs
  • creative direction:
    Akitoshi Mizutani, Marc Osswald, Michael Trende, Fabian Tschöpl, Sascha Eckardt, Matthias Wolf
  • film direction:
    Stefan Will, BLUWI