Synthon Anniversary Book

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Published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the pharmaceutical company Synthon, this book aims to unfold the exciting tale of the company’s illustrious history. Comprising nearly 300 pages, it places the 25 years of Synthon’s history in the context of important historical events worldwide, such as 9/11 and the global economic crisis. Elaborately designed, it is bound in a virgin-white cover and features bright pink pages in line with the colours of the company’s corporate identity. Published in three languages, the book comes with a silver bookmark that literally and figuratively represents the 25year journey.

  • Art Direction:
    Ruud Temmink
  • Client:
    Synthon Holding, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Design:
    Zuiderlicht, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Publisher:
    Fabienne Douven
  • Printing:
    Pascal Walters, Drukkerij Walters, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Project Management:
    Eline Dekker
  • Text:
    Arjo Roersch van der Hoogte, Utrecht, Netherlands