T souvenirs

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The book “T souvenirs” documents the work and influence of Mieke and Jan Teunens in the fields of design, art, consulting and communication, from their beginnings as a design company called T&T until today. Images and documents are used to shed light on a number of relationships and encounters with such figures as the designer Michele De Lucchi or the systems theorist Ervin László. Readers also gain insight into Mieke and Jan Teunen’s extensive collection of art and design objects, as well as into the many publications written by the artist duo.

  • Client:
    Teunen Konzepte GmbH, Geisenheim
  • Design:
    Fuenfwerken Design AG, Berlin/Wiesbaden
  • project management:
    Mieke Teunen, Teunen Konzepte GmbH
  • text:
    Dr. Hajo Eickhoff, Hans Höger, Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, Prof. Holger Schmidhuber, Prof. Jan Teunen
  • photography:
    Stefan Blume
  • assistance:
    Gisela Eschweiler, Cornelia Kurreck, Doris Paschiller, Elias-Kilian Schmidt, Prof. Jan Teunen, Teunen Konzepte GmbH
  • printing:
    Universitätsdruckerei H. Schmidt, Mainz