Red Dot Design Award

Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Tea Series Gift Set

Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Tea Series Gift Set | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of this tea gift set visualises how these tea leaves were grown at high elevations amidst fog and clouds. The Taiwanese region of Alishan has a unique climate and environment, where fog moves through the tea trees all day long, guaranteeing the growth of thick leaves. These one-of-a-kind growing conditions create exceptional flavour and complexity. To underline the quality of the tea, the tea caddies are printed with a decorative, golden pattern. The set contains three caddies of different tea varieties and, thanks to the product’s high quality, is well suited as a gift.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Success-Sure International Co., Ltd., Tainan City
  • Design:
    Victor Branding Design Corp., Taichung City
  • head of marketing:
    Fred Wang, B.B. Shee
  • creative direction:
    Chung Yuan Kuo
  • concept:
    Bee Liu
  • text:
    Yatse Huang