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Tasmeem 2015 – 3ajeeb!

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The 2015 edition of the “Tasmeem Doha Conference: 3ajeeb!” focuses on “playfulness” as a methodology to create interesting and unexpected outcomes in art and design. This notion of playfulness is reflected in all aspects of the conference and most notably in the publications. “Tasmeem in the Classroom (TIC)”, a series of semester-long pre-conference projects, is the first part in a series of three publications. The second, “Tasmeem 3ajeeb! Program”, covers the speakers, workshops and activities. The third, “Take Me With You”, is the post-conference publication and conveys the conference spirit, reusing parts of the two previous publications.

  • Design/Art Direction:
    Sara Shaaban Nathan Davis, Arcadian Studio (“Tasmeem in the Classroom” Publication)
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Meike Kaan
  • Photography:
    Markus Elblaus, Raviv Cohen, Rachele Storai
  • Writer:
    Lauren Maas
  • Design Team:
    Haya Daher, Moza Khalifa Al-Suwaidi
  • Client:
    Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar), Doha