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Telekom Electronic Beats

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The music-marketing programme Telekom Electronic Beats was established in 2000 to interact with young, well-educated, mobile-first audiences in the context of electronic music and their urban lifestyle. The aim was to create sustainable brand engagement. Under the editorial concept of “Music+”, the social media platforms publish content on a daily basis, featuring musicians talking about influences for their creative work as well as lifestyle aspects from art, technology, design, food and fashion.

  • Digital Concept:
    Jannik Schäfer
  • Editorial Work:
    Sven von Thülen, Daniel Jones, Michael Lutz, Inka Gerbert
  • Project Management:
    Stefan Fehm
  • Client:
    Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn
  • Design:
    C3 Creative Code and Content GmbH, Berlin We Are Fellows, Hamburg