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Teletype is a messenger system aimed at turning the professional business communication between Aimbulance, a marketing agency from the Ukraine, and their clients into a more emotional experience. It allows agency news or holiday greetings to be typed as brief texts on a website to send to clients through a gadget that then prints it out. The website and gadget user interfaces are designed as the same cute character. On the website, the character is also animated: it sleeps, smiles and strains funnily while the message is being typed.

  • Strategic Planning:
    Roman Havrysh
  • Account Management:
    Valeria Tsakadze
  • Body Design:
    Object No, Kyiv
  • Design:
    Aimbulance, Kyiv
  • Creative Direction:
    Volodymyr Smirnov, Aleksey Maksimenko
  • Technical Direction:
    Sasha Prokhorenko
  • Client:
    Aimbulance, Kyiv
  • Web Production:
    Winnlab, Kyiv