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Telling Tales

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Telling Tales is the name of LZF‘s communication campaign for 2016, which illuminates a collection of stories about the Spanish lamp manufacturer. Its corporate design is based on three ideas that make this catalogue different from previous ones: the images were to be set at night, providing an opportunity to showcase the lamps when lit; the focus was to shift from interior spaces to the human beings that inhabit them; and the catalogue was supposed to move away from traditional formats, becoming a work of artistic creation. The first stories refer to the works of the painter Edward Hopper and the film Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock.

  • Art Direction:
    Masquespacio Studio, Valencia LZF Lamps, Luziferlamps, S.L.
  • Project Management:
    Ester Colomina
  • Text:
    Grassa Toro
  • Design:
    LZF Lamps, Luziferlamps, S.L., Chiva, Valencia
  • Creative Direction:
    Marivi Calvo
  • Client:
    LZF Lamps, Luziferlamps, S.L., Chiva, Valencia
  • Photography:
    Maria Mira Cualiti
  • Artwork:
    Riki Blanco