Red Dot Design Award


Teye | Red Dot Design Award

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Teye is the first voice over IP phone to show emotions, developed to engage people, presented as having the kind of talent the whole world needs more of and addressed to thinkers and tinkerers, designers and developers. Teye constitutes an emotional, connected, physical object that has no screen but abstracted eyes visualising the different states of emotion. It can’t be bought in a store, yet be designed by everyone who is interested. The microsite innovatively and excitingly meets the design task of introducing this communication device in an open, transparent, illustrative and inviting process.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    denkwerk GmbH, Cologne
  • Design:
    denkwerk GmbH, Cologne
  • Creative Direction:
    Alina Schlaier
  • Project Management:
    Nicolai Baumgartner
  • Graphic Design:
    Alexander Firsanov
  • Text:
    Sammy Haddad
  • Programming:
    Sebastian Suhre, Anja Kirsch
Teye | Red Dot Design Award