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The Audi Qube 3

The Audi Qube 3 | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to present the new Q3 in an outstanding way, Audi constructed the Qube 3, a completely mirrored 14 metres high cube placed in the heart of Barcelona. Avenues, buildings and passers-by were reflected in its facades, making the cube appear as if it merged with its surroundings. The inner walls of the cube also thoroughly consisted of metallised glass and together with a media presentation created a unique experience: becoming part of the staging, the visitor as well as the centre-positioned Q3 were multiplied infinitely. Shining through the semi-transparent mirror walls, the media presentation created a spatial perception that reflects the features of this new car model, a compact SUV of high design standard and with a surprisingly spacious interior. Furthermore, a themed tour through the installation and interactive exhibits allowed people to fully grasp the essential features of the Audi Q3, including the huge dimension of the marble run which traces the silhouette of the Q3 and thus conveys the Audi themes of efficiency. Statement by the jury »Audi and their Qube 3 demonstrate clearly and straightforwardly how a new car model can be presented in an attention-grabbing way. While the mirrored cube reflects its urban surroundings, the inside surprises with an overwhelming graphical projection of light and reflections. Architecture and a media presentation together symbolise the enormous versatility of the car in a coherent and convincing manner.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt
  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Michael Keller (Managing Partner, Creation)
  • consulting:
    Armin Schlamp (Managing Director, Consulting)
  • art direction:
    Marc Ziegler
  • graphic and motion design:
    Moritz Pongratz
  • project management:
    Simone Grütter, Eva Rößler
  • technical motion design:
    Cecil V. Rustemeyer
  • text:
    Daniel Bittmann
  • production:
    Alexander Walz
  • pre-press:
    Angela Keesman
  • architecture:
    Schmidhuber + Partner
The Audi Qube 3 | Red Dot Design Award
The Audi Qube 3 | Red Dot Design Award
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