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The BrandSpace

The BrandSpace | Red Dot Design Award

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In interaction with architecture and media, the BrandSpace wants to make the brand values, history, business portfolios and the socio-political commitment of the Deutsche Bank accessible. Based on the principle of anamorphosis, the logo was translated into an abstract three-dimensional design and by doing so, a spatial dimension was added to the logo concept which had been developed in 2005. The space-defining dimensions of the Deutsche Bank logo, which builds the setting for an interactive, a reactive and an auto-active media installation, can only be seen from specific sweet spots. The visitor can approach the brand in an explorative manner, based on factual knowledge or at an emotional level.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    ART+COM, Berlin; Coordination, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Joachim Sauter, ART+COM; Jochen Gringmuth, Coordination
  • art direction:
    Petra Trefzger, Eva Offenberg, ART+COM
  • project management:
    Gert Monath, ART+COM
  • motion design:
    Christian Riekoff, ART+COM
  • architecture:
    Jeanette Riedel, Coordination
  • media technology:
    Björn Seeger, ART+COM
The BrandSpace | Red Dot Design Award
The BrandSpace | Red Dot Design Award
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