Red Dot Design Award
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The Chair

The Chair | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to advertise Ikea’s affordable products, this out-of-home campaign focused on a common habit everyone knows. The centre of attention was on chairs because everyone has one particular chair where they just throw their clothes. The funny thing is that when the chair is covered with all that stuff you can no longer see it. So the question is why spend a lot of money on a designer chair when you can’t even see it? Comparing the looks and prices of expensive designer chairs and more moderately priced chairs from Ikea answers this question in a manner that speaks for itself. Both chairs are so overloaded that the only things still visible are their legs, which look astonishingly similar.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Hofheim-Wallau, Germany
  • Design:
    loved gmbh Hamburg, Germany thjnk ag, Hamburg, Germany
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Armin Jochum thjnk ag
  • Creative Direction:
    Karl Wolfgang Epple Matthäus Frost thjnk ag
  • Art Direction:
    Marie-Therese Humer loved gmbh
  • Account Management:
    Hendrik Heine thjnk Berlin Katharina Form thjnk ag
  • Art Buying:
    Peggy Wellerdt loved gmbh
  • Photography:
    Dirk Weyer Susam Sobotta (Assistance) Carolin Sonnenschein (Studio Management) David Kowalski (Retouching)
  • Styling:
    Marina Melentieva
  • Final Artwork:
    Christian Schemath Hilko Wiegmann thjnk ag
The Chair | Red Dot Design Award