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The Creative Class

The Creative Class | Red Dot Design Award

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This video series, designed and built for the cloud-based file transfer service WeTransfer, puts some of today’s most influential creatives, who have caused a stir across various fields, centre stage: Damon Albarn, Stefan Sagmeister, Tom Dixon, Marc Hare and Fred Deakin. They share their thoughts, inspirations and opinions on creativity, the industry or “how technology is changing it all”. The pure, full screen videos, which abstain from unnecessary buttons and distractions, allow the viewer to be fully immersed in the interview. Thus, WeTransfer expressively demonstrates that there is a global exhibition of creative talent at its heart, offers a platform for creative exploration that features untraditional advertising and puts discovery at the centre.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    WeTransfer, Amsterdam
  • Design:
    Present Plus
  • Strategy:
    Nalden, Damian Bradfield
  • Head of Design:
    Thijs Remie
  • Creative Direction:
    Joppe Rog, Laszlito Kovacs
  • Film Production:
    Tjalling Valdés Olmos, Gemma Carr
  • Film Direction/Camera:
    Joppe Rog
  • Film Editing:
    Joppe Rog
  • Web Design:
    Giel Cobben
  • Technical Direction:
    Jeroen van Doorn
  • Technical Realisation:
    Giel Cobben, Jean Joskin
The Creative Class | Red Dot Design Award
The Creative Class | Red Dot Design Award
The Creative Class | Red Dot Design Award