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The Creative House

The Creative House | Red Dot Design Award

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With the claim “The Creative House” this campaign advertises the creative potential of the people working at the agency deepblue networks AG. Inspired by the architectural design of the company’s building, eight letters were created to visually bring the “house” to life. Larded with small animated characters of the employees, each letter tells a real story about the everyday work at the agency. As part of the campaign, these letters were published as GIF animations along with matching job descriptions on the agency’s Facebook page, on Twitter and Pinterest, as well as on a microsite.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    deepblue networks AG, Hamburg
  • Design:
    deepblue networks AG, Hamburg
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Oliver Drost
  • Managing Creative Director:
    Christian Thron
  • Creative Direction:
    Burkhard Müller
  • Art Direction:
    Benedikt Bockshecker
  • Artwork:
    Florian Schommer
  • Programming:
    Franziska Gertz
The Creative House | Red Dot Design Award