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The Crumbsies

The Crumbsies | Red Dot Design Award

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The packaging design for The Crumbsies, a corporate Christmas gift by Akis Petretzikis aims to represent the chef’s particular style with regard to both content and design. The custom-made box features a set of four characters, representing the biscuit collection inside. These key visuals consist of a common main frame with varying details on each side, thus linking a different character to each of the four biscuit flavours. In addition, by rotating the top, the customer can create new mix-and-match characters, thus offering an option of personalisation in line with the chef’s overall image.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Printing:
    Paris Orfanos, La Petite Jumelle, Athens
  • Design:
    busybuilding, Athens
  • Production:
    Akis Kantartzis
  • Client:
    Akis Petretzikis Ltd., Agia Paraskevi, Athens
  • Text:
    Sissy Caravia
  • Graphic Design:
    Maria Kefala
  • Account Management:
    Effie Komninou
  • Creative Direction:
    Dimitris Gkazis
The Crumbsies | Red Dot Design Award