Annual Report

The Defence Line

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The 2012 annual report published by Zeestad, an independent organisation established in 2008, has a special historical theme: “Stelling Den Helder”. This so-called “defence line” had the function of protecting the seaport and shipyard Willemsoord from invaders. The annual report represents this defence line, both literally and figuratively. It is designed to embody the five fortresses in the town of Den Helder and consists of the same number of interconnected booklets. The five sections on the reverse side of the report tell the story of the origins of Den Helder, in which the defence line played such an important part.

  • Client:
    Zeestad, Den Helder
  • Design:
    52 graden noorderbreedte, Amsterdam
  • Printing:
    Druno en Dekker, Noordwijkerhout