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The Deli Font

The Deli Font | Red Dot Design Award

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The relaunch of the Deli Reform brand focuses on the high quality of this vegetable margarine, its natural ingredients and its positive effect on a healthy diet. The Deli Font typeface, which was specially designed for the headline campaign, boldly refrains from showing stereotypes of nature. The demonstration of a pure, simple and reduced kind of naturalness was realised by using typography based on real plants. For later communications, a typeface was created that offers everything else needed for a complete font.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH, Hilter
  • Design:
    BUTTER. GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • chief creative officer:
    Frank Stauss
  • creative direction:
    Patrick Hampel
  • photography:
    Jochen Arndt
  • styling:
    Nici Theuerkauf
  • account management:
    Sabine Bülow
  • production:
    Kathrin Wilde
The Deli Font | Red Dot Design Award