The Dumbbell Headphone Packaging

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The task was to develop an eye-catching packaging that communicates the outstanding sound of the Panasonic Bluetooth RP-BTD 10 headphones. From a certain perspective the circumaural shape of the headphones looks like a dumbbell. Thus, a packaging was created that illustrates the headphones’ heavy sound by showing their dumbbell-shaped, powerful outline. The visual effect is supported by the understated design of the remaining package as well as the fact that the package is stacked on the shelf with the dumbbell-shape facing forward.

  • Client:
    Panasonic Deutschland, Hamburg
  • Senior Marketing Communication Manager:
    Danny Clasen
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Matthias Spaetgens, Robert Krause
  • Creative Direction:
    Olivier Nowak
  • Art Direction:
    Ralf Schröder, Timo Glosemeyer
  • Account Management:
    Benjamin Gülker
  • Photography:
    Cedric Soltani
  • Agency Producer:
    Benito Schumacher