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The Guy Who Cut Everything in Half

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The Deutsche Anwaltverein (German Bar Association) was looking for an eye-catching way to inform about the importance of a marriage contract. Based on the fact that a divorce can cost the participants up to 50 per cent of their belongings, the figure of “Martin G.” was invented, a husband who took “splitting” with his wife literally. In a video on YouTube, “Martin” cut his entire household in halves and later on sold those items on eBay. The story went viral and gained a second wave of attention after its true background was revealed.

  • Graphic Design:
    Azim Abasbek
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Benedikt Göttert
  • Creative Direction:
    Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner
  • Motion Design:
    Dennis Fritz
  • Copywriting:
    Philipp Stute
  • Art Direction:
    Julius Steffens
  • Creative Innovation Direction:
    Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner
  • Client:
    Deutscher Anwaltverein, Berlin
  • Design: