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The Happy Tomato

The Happy Tomato | Red Dot Design Award

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The Happy Tomato trademark is used to sell tomatoes grown on Žitný Ostrov, which literally translates as Rye Island. It is a well-known agricultural area in southern Slovakia surrounded by rivers. The packaging design is based on a simple logo concept featuring a large, softly painted tomato with a smile, set against a shining turquoise background, which in combination with the red and yellow tomatoes catches the attention of shoppers. The turquoise colour, together with small waves, refers to the rivers that surround the island, and also the usage of geothermal water during the cultivation of the tomatoes.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Creative Direction:
    Juraj Demovi_
  • Design:
    Pergamen, Trnava
  • Graphic Design:
    Juraj Demovi_, Juraj Vontor_ík
  • Photography:
    Jakub Dvo_ák
  • Client:
    GreenCoop Dru_stvo, Zlatná na Ostrove
  • Pre-Press_/_Final Artwork:
    Ervín Gejdo_