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The Mobile Exhibition Lab

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The Mobile Exhibition Lab is a mobile technology laboratory that is intended for Swedish museums and their staff. The mobile lab is touring Sweden in 2012 and 2013. At each stop workshops and lectures will be held in subjects related to exhibitions. By combining the client’s existing symbol (the square and the comma) with question marks, exclamation marks and interjections like “hm?!” and “aha!” the whole process of experimenting, learning and understanding could be manifested in a unique graphical language. The choice of contrasting colours achieves a strong signalling effect in the cityscape and while on the road.

  • Client:
    Riksutställningar / Swedish Exhibition Agency, Visby
  • Design:
    Gabor Palotai Design, Stockholm
  • creative direction:
    Gabor Palotai
  • graphic design:
    David Wickström