Red Dot Design Award
Character Design & Digital Art

The Night of the Rabbit

The Night of the Rabbit | Red Dot Design Award

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In “The Night of the Rabbit”, 12-year-old Jerry dreams of one day becoming a magician. His dream seems to come true two days before his summer vacation ends, when the Marquis de Hoto, an enigmatic and elegant rabbit, steps into his life and chooses to make Jerry his apprentice. Together they travel to the magical Mousewood Forest, which is full of speaking animals and mysterious creatures. Soon, though, Jerry realises that there are also dark powers threatening this enchanted world and that he is needed to battle the evil magician Zaroff. This “point & click” adventure delights young and old alike with many hand-drawn characters, backgrounds as well as elaborate animations. The story is magically complex and captivating, enriched by a lot of tricky puzzles, objects to be collected and combined, as well as conversations with non-player characters. The imaginary world, brought to life with graphics and images, is accompanied by a soundtrack full of different shades and atmosphere.

Statement by the Jury

This adventure game for kids and young teenagers was specifically tailored for their needs. The adventures in this mystical world have been designed without kitsch or raising the moral finger and are therefore ideal for children. “The Night of the Rabbit” is fun to play, beautifully told, and is full of variety and humour. It clearly stands out in the market for this target group.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Daedalic Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Creative Lead/Writer/Director:
    Matthias Kempke
  • Executive Producer:
    Carsten Fichtelmann
  • Lead Background Painter:
    Simone Kesterton
  • Lead Character Designer:
    Olga Andriyenko
  • Lead Scripting:
    Kevin Niederelz
  • Co-Author:
    Sebastian Kempke
The Night of the Rabbit | Red Dot Design Award
The Night of the Rabbit | Red Dot Design Award
The Night of the Rabbit | Red Dot Design Award
The Night of the Rabbit | Red Dot Design Award