The Night Terror App

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This mobile app for genuine horror fans promotes Horror Channel UK‘s new blood-curdling programme. “Night Terror” turns people‘s dreams into nightmares. All the users need to do is to choose a story, place their smartphone next to their pillow and listen to the story as they fall asleep. When the phone detects the REM phase, subtle story-related sound effects play to the subconscious, attempting to influence their dreams. The stories are based on the channel‘s programme and different horror levels can be chosen by the user.

  • Client:
    Horror Channel UK, London
  • Design:
    Interone BBDO
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Michael Ohanian
  • Creative Managing Director:
    Matthias Schäfer
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Roy Cohen, Jacques Pense
  • Creative Direction:
    Gregor Myszor
  • Graphic Design:
    Gregor Myszor, Alex Brieschenk, Marian Cizmarik, Pedro Americo
  • Copywriting:
    Elvira Sipos, Christoph Pfeffer, Lillian Prigge, Adzoa Tsekpo
  • Account Management:
    Theresa Roth, Simon Heydecker
  • Programming:
    Thomas Fink, David Moldenhauer
  • Concept:
    Jörg Radehaus, Gregor Myszor
  • Production:
    NHB, Hamburg