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The Real Time Brand

The Real Time Brand | Red Dot Design Award

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INEC, Ecuador’s official government organisation for statistics, has the mission and the power to not only collect data, but also to distribute the information, making sure the entire country has access to it. The creative idea for the relaunch of its corporate design was to present the data reflecting the wellbeing of the population visually and in real time. A logo composed of five concentric circles was developed to represent the fields of literacy, access to clean drinking water, availability of decent housing, employment and job opportunities, and happiness. Each circle is a variable which is colour-coded in a colour of Ecuador’s flag, according to the state of their evolution. Based on INEC’s data, the logo updates automatically and constantly. Moreover, as variables change, the form of the logo transforms. In order to communicate the idea and to create interest among Ecuadorians, the logo idea was translated into a series of image posters, each representing a year or a month, displaying the data collected in that timeframe.

Statement by the Jury

This corporate design relaunch displays a clever and simple idea of using and working with statistics. Not only does the design look strong, delivering a piece of insightful information that changes as the data change, the work also reflects an outstanding use of typography and the other parts of the identity that are consistently thought through from the outset.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    INEC, Quito
  • Associate Creative Direction:
    P. Pérez Cahueñas, Maruri Grey
  • Digital Creative:
    Á. Lechas, Maruri Grey
  • Production:
    F. Lizarzaburu, Maruri Grey
  • App Development:
    S. García, Maruri Grey
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    E. Maruri, Maruri Grey
  • Art Direction:
    G. Flores, P. Pérez Cahueñas, Maruri Grey
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    P. Morano, C. Cabrera, Maruri Grey
  • Client Service:
    S. Crespo, Maruri Grey
  • Project Management:
    C. Bosshammer, KW43 Branddesign
  • Managing Director Creation:
    R. Goetz, KW43 Branddesign
  • General Management:
    F. Maruri, Maruri Grey
  • Graphic Design:
    G. Flores, P. Pérez Cahueñas, Maruri Grey T. Otto, T. Liedtke, KW43 Branddesign
  • Copywriting:
    P. Pérez Cahueñas, Maruri Grey
  • Creative Direction:
    J. Adolph, KW43 Branddesign
  • Design:
    Grey Germany / KW43 Branddesign, Düsseldorf Maruri Grey, Guayaquil
  • Web Development:
    R. Dimate, Maruri Grey
The Real Time Brand | Red Dot Design Award
The Real Time Brand | Red Dot Design Award
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