The Secret Annex Online

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Anne Frank’s wartime diary, written in hiding in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, is one of the most widely read books in the world. The Anne Frank House museum preserves the hiding place where Anne wrote her diary. The Secret Annex Online was created to enable people worldwide to discover Anne Frank’s story online in a unique way. History comes alive as visitors wander through never-before-seen furnished rooms. It is meant for those who cannot visit the museum, and for those who want to enhance their museum visit. Approximately 900,000 users have already visited the site, staying on average for 17 minutes.

  • Client:
    Anne Frank House, Amsterdam project leader Gerrit Netten ict programme manager Ita Amahorseija copywriter Emilie Escher
  • Design:
    LBi Lost Boys, Amsterdam
  • creative director:
    Ellen Hooghiemstra
  • senior visual designer:
    Michel Danckaarts
  • user experience designer:
    Martijn de Visser